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Camp Karad (Hungary)

In the summer of 2016 Harry, Debra and James attended the International Festival of Creative Arts near Chicago Illinois.  We held a class together and shared about our work in Korad, Hungary, and the camp for children we have helped construct.

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Summer Camps (Hungary)

Summer Camps Hungary 2017

At last we have received, from Kornel, final information for the camps we are planning to run for the summer.

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Childrens Workers (Ukraine)

October 30, 2015.  Harry Barrett (CMI Founder) was invited to teach a workshop for a group in the Ukraine.  Anna and her team with Operation Mobilization, prayed and planned for this event and were expecting around 50 to register.

More about Children's Workers...

Orphanage (Ukraine)

Because of the Trianon treaty of 1921, Hungary forfeited a majority of its territory, stranding millions of Hungarians outside their current border, in neighboring Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and the Ukraine.

Read about the Orphanage here...


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